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we can change the world !

We are a beach loving family that has created an NFT collection with the       purpose of raising money to help clean beaches around the world         


Clean Beach 11-11 is an NFT collection containing 8,888 unique items of natural beauty with human junk, Symbolizing the exaggerated consumption culture that is responsible for an incredible amount of plastics ending up on the beaches around the world. 



Utilizing the NFT platform & blockchain technology,
I am now able to expand my reach and create a community.
together let's clean as many beaches as possible. 
25% of all proceeds donated to beach cleaning.
10% of all proceed are allocated to community utility

nft תמונת פרופיל .png
Smedsuddsbadet Beach Sweden.png

 Smedsuddsbadet Beach Sweden

nft תמונת פרופיל  (3).png

 Kaputas Beach


 Hyams beach

Ilha dos Frades Beach Brazil

 Ilha dos Frades Beach Brazil

nft תמונת פרופיל  (3).png

 Reethi Rah Beach 


 Anse Lazio Beach

nft תמונת פרופיל  (3).png

 Seagrass Bay Beach  Fiji


 Seger Beach


 Blue Beach 

Puerto Rico

Praia do Rosa Beach Brazil

 Praia do Rose Beach Brazil


Matira beach
French Polynesia

nft תמונת פרופיל  (3).png
nft תמונת פרופיל  (3).png

 Cala Goloritzè Beach

Positano Beach Beach Italy

 Positano Beach Beach Italy

Ölüdeniz Beach Turkey

  Ölüdeniz Beach Turkey


 Radhanagar Beach

Orange Gaming Tiger YouTube Channel Art (400 x 1400 px) (2).png

We donate 25% of proceeds
to clean up beaches
around the world

Hilton Beach tlv Israel #1.png

 Hilton Beach Tlv   #1  

nft תמונת פרופיל  (3).png

Hilton Beach TLV

Clean Beach 11-11 is an NFT project dedicated to cleaning beaches around the world and we donate 25% of all profits to this purpose.

This special edition of 10 Hilton Beach TLV is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Shimrit Perkol-Finkel. Let me tell you a little about this amazing woman.



Who will get our donation?

Can you suggest someone? Do you know a person or a small organization that are true givers and just go out and do it without asking for anything in return? These are the people we are locking for so, I would love to hear your suggestions.Simply click on this link and fill out the form.

Each month I will choose one of the names to receive the  donation and it will be documented and validated right here. You can also suggest a name of your favorite beach and we will consider it as a name for one of our next creations.



One small step…So far I sold 5 NFT
and as promised I will donate 25% to clean beaches.

Starting at my home base Bet Yani beach in Israel.
Come and give us a hand on Friday the 18/3/22
Starting at 11:11 am.

All you need are shoes and I will give out smiles & gloves & bags,Garbage disposal container, 
water and some refreshment.


WhatsApp Image 2021-12-30 at 13.34.55 (2).jpeg

Volunteers needed

 About the creator


My name is Keren and I'm a visual artist and a mom of twins. I chose the Octopus to be the “star” of my creations after spending a month in Greece. Prior to getting on the flight, we watched the amazing film MY OCTOPUS TEACHER and we all knew that we will never look at an Octopus again in the same way.

One morning, right in front of our door, a Greek fisherman caught an Octopus and was about to smash it to the rocks (that’s how the Octopus is “softened” before grilling it).

We convinced him to trade the Octopus and we immediately released it back to the ocean. Needless to say that the Greek fisherman thought we were out of our minds.This moment became a “eureka” moment for us showing how small actions can make a real differance.


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בת 49 , אמא לתאומים בני 12 נוגה - יונתן -
מגיעה מתחום התקשורת, פיטוח פטנט ושזירת זרים ברוח האלוהה. 

אוהבת מאוד עיצוב גראפי - כל יצירה מורכבת מהרבה פריטים קטנים. אם זו הדרך שלי לעזור לעולם זה מושלם! 

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