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Community utility

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Our plan is to create utility to the community and we are currently looking into the best options to do this where maximum value is reuttered to the community.

As we are still in early stages, we are honestly not sure what the best options are - we would like to reach out to you, the early buyers, to give us your ideas.


The 10% utility will be for all the community and will include staking and extra voting right but we do want to incentivize early adopters who purchase the first 100 items and for this we are open to hear from you what you think.

Free NFT giveaways will be a part of the incentives to first adopters and we will put out a clear road map as soon as we possibly can.

As we develop the utility and until it is fully implemented and set into the smart contract, we are setting aside a dedicated wallet address that we will transfer 10% of all sales into and that will “belong” to the community.

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