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NFT collection 
Hilton Beach TLV

Dedicated to Dr. Shimrit Perkol - Finkel

I believe there are no coincidences in life!

A few days ago I posted in NFT ISRAEL a short post concerning my new NFT collection that is dedicated to
clean beaches. Among the many positive responses,
one came from 
sarit perkol.

Sarit told me that her sister, Dr. Shimrit Perkol-Finkel,
was a marine biologist who grew up in Tel Aviv and especially loved Hilton Beach. She added that Shimrit had been killed in an accident. 

Instinctively I promised her that I will name my next NFT “Hilton Beach” after Shimrit. 24 hours later I called her and when I realized who this deceased woman was, I stopped breathing - It became so clear to me why we met.


Shimrit was killed on March of 2021 by a truck while riding a  scooter back home from her office in Tel-Aviv.

I remembered that item on the news, even though, unfortunately, we get these kinds of stories on TV every day.


Shimrit was special and it was clear that the world had lost an amazing and empowering woman who loved and
wanted to save the ocean.

She was one of those perfect women who married a wonderful man, Kobi, and raised three girls. A beauty who found time to exercise and eat healthy while doing groundbreaking research as a marine biologist.

She lived in many places around the world and had a promising carrier full of achievements - her findings and teachings have led to worldwide use and adoption of ecological concrete in marine environments.


עיצוב ללא שם.png
דילים למסיבת רווקות.png
דילים למסיבת רווקות.png
Hilton Beach tlv Israel #1.png

 Hilton Beach Tlv   #1  

nft תמונת פרופיל  (3).png



Together with Dr. Ido Sela she established ECOncrete, and as its CEO, built safe havens for marine life, made of eco-friendly concrete. Shimrit wanted to contribute and make a difference - she did it big time. In 2020 she was nominated one of 100 empowering women worldwide. 


In creating the images to commemorate her, I used symbols and items that were part of Shimrit's life. The bird statue at Hilton Beach that was her second home. She used to dive a lot as part of her work. The crane lifted up “her” concrete. On her gravestone, there is the nautilus shell, and this shell also became the logo of ECOncrete.

She loved the Plumeria tree that grew in her parents’ yard, she painted sunflowers & clouds and tattooed the cherry blossom on her arm. Kobi asked her to marry him as they were on a trek in the mountains. Returning from their relocation to Mexico, she brought with her decorative lizards. Margarita became her preferred drink. Her black cat was called Layla (night, in Hebrew) and her graduating present was a golden barrel cactus. 


She used to smile a lot, and always wore her silver pendant around her neck.

Morris Kahn Marine Research Station named a tracking-bearing shark after her, so Shimrit can continue roaming the seas.


Featured here are ten works in her memory. The first one Hilton Beach #1 - was given to her family. The remaining nine works are up for auction/sale at OpenSea.


I have no doubt that even though Shimrit is gone, she still lives in us and continues to change the world. This is why her sister and I met - so that we can all join forces and save the oceans. 


As always – 25% of all profits are directly donated to cleaning beaches. If you know someone who knows someone who wants to be a part of this project, tag them, share this information and help me spread the word.

דילים למסיבת רווקות.png
דילים למסיבת רווקות.png

NFT collection Hilton Beach TLV

Hilton Beach tlv Israel #4.png

  Hilton Beach Tlv  #2

Hilton Beach tlv Israel #6.png

 Hilton Beach Tlv  #5

Hilton Beach tlv Israel #2.png

 Hilton Beach Tlv  #8

Hilton Beach tlv Israel #3.png

 Hilton Beach Tlv  #3

Hilton Beach tlv Israel #5.png

  Hilton Beach Tlv  #6

Hilton Beach tlv Israel #8.png

 Hilton Beach Tlv  #9

Hilton Beach tlv Israel #9.png

  Hilton Beach Tlv  #4

Hilton Beach tlv Israel #7.png

 Hilton Beach Tlv  #7

Hilton Beach tlv Israel #10.png

 Hilton Beach Tlv  #10

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